May 8 Open Show CANCELLED

Due to the EHV-1 virus breakout that devastated Reedanland Farm, Fox Valley Saddle Club has cancelled all activities.

We have a confirmed rescheduled date of Saturday, August 8th, 2015. Please watch our website and Facebook page for further information.

2015 Prairie State Classic Prize List

After consulting with several vets, the facility manager and the show committee, Prairie State Classic will go on as scheduled.

The stalls will be individually sanitized before any horses are allowed in to the facility. We ask that all exhibitors have health certificates on their horses dated five days before coming to the show and present these certificates to the show office staff before moving horses off trailers. Dean Meyer, DVM will be on the show grounds before the start of the show and through Sunday at it’s completion.  He will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The 2015 Prairie State Classic will again be held in Roscoe, IL at the Ledges Sporting Horses Equestrian Complex on June 5, 6, 7, 2015. Officiating this year will be Josh Greer of East Bernstadt, KY. This is an AMHA 4-star rated show and is also a point show for the American Saddlebred Association of Wisconsin, the Illinois American Saddlebred Pleasure Horse Association, the Mid-America Horse Show Association and the Tri-States Horsemen’s Association.

Benefiting the Saint Anthony’s Oncology Center, the Prairie State Classic Horse Show is proud to be a Champion Against Cancer for this cause.

Go to the Prairie State Classic page for more information and to download the prize list and entry forms and please consider becoming a sponsor!

Revisions to 2014 Prairie State Classic Schedule

There have been some class additions and revisions to the schedule that are not in the prize list. Please note these additions after the printed prize list are in BLUE.

Friday, May 30, 10:00 a.m.

1. Morgan Geldings – 4 years & under in Hand
2. Morgan Geldings – 5 years & over in Hand
3. Morgan Grand Champion Gelding
4. Open Hunter Pleasure in Hand
5. Morgan Mares – 4 years & under in Hand
6. Morgan Mares – 5 years & over in Hand
7. Morgan Grand Champion Mare
8. Morgan Stallions – 4 years & under in Hand
9. Morgan Stallions – 5 years & over in Hand
10. Morgan Grand Champion Stallion
11. Open Western in Hand

(Ring Drag) 30 MINUTE BREAK

12. Morgan Pleasure Driving – Junior Horse
13. ASB 3-Gaited Show Pleasure – 18 & over
14. Morgan Western Pleasure – Stallions, Mares & Geldings
15. Morgan Hunter Pleasure – Junior Horse
16. ASB 3-Gaited English Country Pleasure – 18 & over
17. Morgan English Pleasure – Stallions, Mares & Geldings
18. **Exhibition Open Walk-Trot Pleasure, 12 years & under
19. ASB 3-Gaited Park Pleasure
20. **Exhibition Open English Pleas. – Hunt/Saddle Seat – Novice Rider
21. Morgan Hunter Pleasure – Stallions & Geldings
22. **Exhibition Open Adult Equitation – 18 & over, Hunt/Saddleseat

(Ring Drag)

23. Hackney Pony (Cob Tail), Open
24. Morgan Hunter Pleasure – Mares
25. ASB Show Pleasure Driving – Novice Horse
26. Morgan Western Pleasure – Junior Horse
27. Morgan Classic Pleasure Driving – Stallions, Mares & Geldings
28. Morgan Park Saddle – Junior/Novice Horse
29. **Saddleseat Equitation UPHA Challenge Cup – 17 & under
30. Dutch Harness Horse – Junior Horse Harness Class
30A. Exhibition Open Western Seat Equitation

Blind Buggy Race

Friday May 30, 7:00 p.m.

31. Morgan Pleasure Driving – Amateur
32. **Exhibition Open Walk-Trot Equitation, 12 years & under
33. Morgan English Pleasure – Ladies
34. ASB Show Pleasure Three Gaited – Novice Horse
35. Morgan Western Pleasure – Amateur
36. Morgan Saddle Seat Equitation – 17 & Under
37. Morgan Classic English Pleasure – Junior/Novice.

(Ring Drag & Chuck A Duck)

38. Dutch Harness Horse – Any Age Harness
39. Morgan Hunter Pleasure – Amateur
40. Morgan Pleasure Driving – Novice Horse
41. ASB 3-Gaited Show Pleasure – Jr. Exh. 17 & Under
42. Morgan Hunt Seat Equitation – 17 & Under
43. ASB Five-Gaited Show Pleasure

(Ring Drag)

44. Morgan Classic Pleasure Saddle – Jr. Exhibitor
45. Morgan Pleasure Driving – Jr. Exhibitor
46. **Exhibition Open English Pleasure(Hunt/Saddle Seat)
47. ASB Five-Gaited Country Pleasure
48. Morgan Park Harness- Open

Friday evening Free Exhibitor’s Party

Saturday, May 31, 8:30 a.m.

49. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, 3-Gaited – 14 through 17
50. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, 3-Gaited – 18 & over
51. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, 3-Gaited Championship 14 & Over
52. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, 3-Gaited – 13 & under
53. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, 3-Gaited – Championship 13 & Under

10 Minute Break

54. Academy Saddle Seat Equitation, 3-Gaited – 14 through 17
55. Academy Saddle Seat Equitation, 3-Gaited – 18 & over
56. Academy Saddle Seat Equitation, 3-Gaited Championship 14 & Over
57. Academy Saddle Seat Equitation, 3-Gaited – 13 & under
58. Academy Saddle Seat Equitation, 3-Gaited Championship 13 & Under

10 Minute Break

59. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Pleasure, 3-Gaited, All ages
60. Academy Hunt/Western / Seat Pleasure, 3-Gaited Champ., All ages
61. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Equitation, 3-Gaited, All ages
62. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Equitation, 3-Gaited Champ., All ages

Saturday, May 31, 2:00 p.m.

63. Morgan Pleasure Driving – 2-year-old
64. **Exhibition Open Fitting & Showmanship – 17 years & under
65. Morgan English Pleasure – Novice Horse
66. Morgan Western Pleasure – Ladies
67.**Exhibition Open Walk-Trot Pleasure Championship
68. Morgan Pleasure Driving Open – Stallions, Mares & Geldings
69. ASB Western Country Pleasure
70. Morgan English Pleasure – Junior Horse
71. Morgan Hunter Pleasure – Jr. Exh. 17 years & under
72. Morgan English Pleasure – Amateur

(Ring Drag)

73. Hackney Roadster Pony Open
74. AMHA Saddle Seat Medal
75. Morgan Classic Pleasure Saddle – Stallions, Mares & Geldings
76.**Exhibition Open Pleasure, 50 & Over
77. Morgan English Pleasure – Jr. Exh. 17 years & under
78. Hackney or Heavy Harness Horse Class
79. Morgan Western Pleasure – Novice Horse
80. ASB 3-Gaited Show Pleasure – Junior Exhibitor Championship

(Ring Drag)

81. Morgan Pleasure Driving – Ladies
82. Hackney or Harness Pony Show Pleasure Driving
83. Morgan Hunter Pleasure – Novice Horse
84. Morgan Western Pleasure – Jr. Exhibitor
85. ASB Hunter Pleasure – Jr. Horse/Novice
86. Morgan Classic Pleasure Driving – Junior/Novice Horse
87. ASB Country Pleasure Driving

Saturday, May 31, 7:00 p.m.


88. Dutch Harness Horse – Any Age Harness Championship
89.**Exhibition Open Walk/Trot Equitation Championship
90. ASB 3-Gaited Show Pleasure – Adult Championship
91. AMHA Hunt Seat Medal Class
92. ASB English Country Pleasure 3 gaited-17 years & under
93. Morgan Junior Horse Western Pleasure Championship

(Ring Drag & Chuck A Duck)

94. Harness Pony, Open
95. ASB Hunter Pleasure – Open
96. Morgan Hunter Pleasure – Ladies
97. ASB Pleasure Equitation – 17 years & under
98. Morgan Western Pleasure – Gentlemen
99. Morgan UPHA 3 year old Pleasure Driving Classic

(Ring Drag)

100. ASB Show Pleasure Driving
101. Morgan UPHA 3 year old Hunter Pleasure Classic
102. ASB Five-Gaited Show Pleasure Championship
103. Morgan UPHA 3 year old Park Harness Classic
104. ASB Park – Open

Sunday, June 1, 8:00 a.m.

105. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, Walk/Trot – 14 & Over
106. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, Walk/Trot – 14 & Over Championship
107. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, Walk/Trot – 12 & 13
108. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, Walk/Trot – 10 & 11
109. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, Walk/Trot – 9 & Under
110. Academy Saddle Seat Pleasure, Walk/Trot – 13 & Under Championship
111. Academy Saddle Seat Equitation, Walk/Trot – 14 & Over
112. Academy Saddle Seat Equitation, Walk/Trot – 14 & Over Championship
113. Academy Saddle Seat Equitation, Walk/Trot – 12 & 13
114. Academy Saddle Seat Equitation, Walk/Trot – 10 & 11
115. Academy Saddle Seat Equitation, Walk/Trot – 9 & Under
116. Academy Saddle Seat Equ., Walk/Trot – 13 & Under Championship
117. **Exhibition Open Advanced Leadline, 8 years & under
118. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Pleas., Walk/Trot – 14 & Over
119. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Pleasure, Walk/Trot – 14 & Over Championship
120. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Pleas., Walk/Trot -13 & Under
121. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Pleasure, Walk/Trot – 13 & Under Championship
122. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Equi., Walk/Trot – 14 & Over
123. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Equi., Walk/Trot – 14 & Over Championship
124. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Equi., Walk/Trot – 13 & Under
125. Academy Hunt/Western Seat Equi., Walk/Trot – 13 & Under Championship

1 hour break after class 125 has been completed.

(Ring Drag)

125A. Hackney or Harness Pony Show Pleasure Driving Championship
126. **Exhibition Open Hunt Seat Equitation Championship
127. ASB Park Stake
128. ASB Country Pleasure Driving Championship
129. Morgan English Pleasure Championship
130. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Championship – Amateur
131. Morgan Classic Pleasure Driving Championship
132. ASB English Country Pl 3-Gaited Champ./Adult
133. **Exhibition English Pleasure Championship(Hunt or Saddleseat)
133A. Hackney Pony (Cob Tail) Championship

(Ring Drag)

134. Morgan Junior Hunter Pleasure Championship
135. ASB English Country Pleasure 3-Gaited Championship – Jr. Exhibitor
136. **Exhibition Open Saddleseat Equitation Championship
137. Morgan Western Pleasure Championship – Amateur
138. **Exhibition Open Lead Line – 7 yrs. & under
139. Morgan Junior Horse English Pleasure Championship
140. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Champ – Jr. Exhibitor
141. ASB Show Pleasure Driving Championship
142. ASB 3-Gaited Park Pleasure Championship

(Ring Drag)

142A. Harness Pony Championship
143. Morgan Pleasure Driving Championship
144. ASB Western Country Pleasure Championship
145. Morgan Hunter Pleasure Championship
146. Morgan Classic Pleasure Saddle Championship
147. ASB Five-Gaited Country Pleasure Championship
148. Morgan English Pleasure Championship – Amateur
149. Morgan Western Pleasure Championship
150. Morgan Park Saddle Open

2014 Prairie State Classic Prize List Now Available!

Join us for the 21st annual Prairie State Classic in Roscoe, IL on May 30-June 1st, 2014. We are “Champions against Cancer” and feature divisions for Morgans, Saddlebreds, Hackney and Dutch Harness Horses, as well as a full Academy Rider division. For more information, visit the Prairie State Classic page.

NMRHA Youth Reiners Stylin’ thanks to Mid-States Club

2013 Youth Reining JacketThe National Morgan Reining Horse Association Youth were sporting their great trophy jackets at the 2013 Morgan Grand National & World Championship Horse Show this October, thanks to the generosity of the Mid-States Morgan Horse Club members. These awesome jackets featured a Morgan reining horse on one chest and a Morgan Grand National logo on the other with the youth’s name underneath. Youth Group leader Travis Fillipek said “The kids LOVED the jackets! Thank you so much for the sponsorship!”

Christmas Party

Our Christmas party will be held December 7, 2013, 6:00 pm at Stone Ledge Farm, 6912 Manchester Road, South Beloit, IL. 61080. Loads of fun to be had by all those that attend. Please bring a dish to pass and membership forms will be available at the meeting too. See you there!

Briar Patch Golden Morgans Receive Titles

Treasure Merigold, AMHA Dam of Merit

Treasure Merigold, AMHA Dam of Merit

Kris and Al Breyer of Briar Patch Morgans in Wauconda, Illinois, long standing members of the Mid-States Morgan Club, are proudly displaying their new certificates for the titles won by their golden Morgans in the new AMHA Show Horse Championship Title Program.

Heading up their family of title earners is Treasure Merrigold, a 1990 Palomino mare sired by Primavera Bravado and out of Tia Isabella, a daughter of the well known palomino sire Californio. Merri was bred by Roy and Patsy Foote of Treasure Morgans in Superior, Montana, who are a Morgan legacy unto themselves. Kris and Al acquired Merri as a five year old and immediately began enjoying her many talents. She was a very accomplished reining horse, winning the Freestyle Reining and Jr Horse Reining at the Gold Cup Show as just a four year old, then happily switching to Western Pleasure where she and Al enjoyed many good classes together.

BPM Estralita de Oro WC

BPM Estralita de Oro WC

Now recognized as a Dam of Merit by AMHA, Merri produced her first BPM prefixed foal in 1996, then produced the beautiful palomino BPM Estralita de Oro CH in 2001. Sired by Triple S Nugget, “Lita” has enjoyed a long and fruitful show career now spanning a decade that includes many wins and tricolors in Western Pleasure, Ranch Horse Pleasure & Reining and even specialty in hand.

Merri’s next two foals were cremes, BPM Ghost Dance sired by DDRM Midnight Sun, and BPM Lunar Eclipse sired by Triple S Nugget, a full brother to Lita.

BPM Gold Dust & Taylor Gruenberg

BPM Gold Dust & Taylor Gruenberg

But her shining star is the popular World Champion BPM Gold Dust WGC, sired by UDM Gold Mine. A beautiful palomino trimmed liberally with chrome, Dusty was foaled in 2006 and has been carrying the colorful banner to the top of many classes. Shown at competitive shows from the west coast to the midwest, he was started by well known western trainer Garn Walker. In 2011, he came home to the heartland and began a popular pairing as the mount of young Taylor Gruenberg, daughter of Becky & Jamie Gruenberg of Stone Ledge Farm. Taylor and Dusty were crowd favorites from the get-go and have been winning classes ever since.

Congratulations to Jessica Bodnar, AMHA Promoter Award 2012 Recipient!

Jessice Bodnar

Jessica Bodnar, 2012 AMHA Promoter Award Recipient

We are very pleased to announce that AMHA recently recognized Jessica Cavanaugh Bodnar as one of two 2012 recipients of the AMHA Promoter Award. The Promoter Award recognizes club members who are diligent supporters of the breed, working hard to bring the Morgan into public arenas. Recipients actively promote the breed at fairs, parades, open barns, equine expos, and other activities.

The Mid-States Morgan Horse Club nominated Jessica Cavanaugh Bodnar of Marengo, Illinois. Jessica devotes much of her time into promoting the Morgan horse. She is instrumental in the monthly Winter Showdown Competitions at Merriehill Farm, which is open to the public. She has taken Morgans to compete at local fairs and introduces many new people to the breed through Merriehill’s growing lesson program, camps, and monthly ladies nights held at the farm. She has assisted several students in their science projects using Morgan horses as part of their projects. Thank you, Jess, for all of your hard work on behalf of our wonderful Morgan horses!

Mid-States Holiday Party

Mid-States Morgan Horse Club members had a blast renewing friendships and celebrating a great year with our Morgans at the annual Holiday Party at Stone Ledge Farm!
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